Why choose Nano-Hair Technology?

• A real strand of hair weights 0.0003g.
• A strand of Hairplus hair is 20% of a strand of real hair.
• 1 pc (knot) of 4 hairs weighs 80% of 0.0003g.
• 1 set got 250 knots (1000 hairs).

• Heat Resistant & Heated Shape Memory for straight & wavy hair.
• Similar up to 99% of real hair.
• Vast results within short period of time.
• Boost in confidence.
• Easy maintenance, comfortable, natural volumizing on hair loss, No damage,    No pain.

• Semi permanent ( with touch up technique which may last up to a few years )
• Different hair colors to choose from.
• The only product in the industry that allows: Dyeing, Henna, Regular perm, Tall comb, Iron curler, Dryer.
• The original Futura products can’t be sold without special selling permit.

Products range


Lenght: 15inch | 38cm

  • Color
  • Cold Perm
  • Heat Perm max 190°C
  • Blow Dry
  • Heating Tools (140°C -160°C)


Lenght: 15inch | 38cm

  • Color
  • Cold Perm
  • Heat Perm max 180°C
  • Blow Dry
  • Heating Tools (90°C -120°C)


Lenght: 15inch | 38cm

  • Color
  • Cold Perm
  • Heat Perm max 180°C
  • Blow Dry
  • Heating Tools (90°C -120°C)

Our premium hair is a special synthetic hair that provides a wider range of possible hair styles to clients. It is coated with keratin and is more delicate and requires special care.

Why choose
Nano-Hair Technology?

Nano-Hair Technology is the most effective and immediate treatment in the market. What’s more? Our Synthetic hair looks and feels like real hair when it’s being attached to the head (99% similar to real hair) Additionally, with our retouch method, Nano hair is Semi-permanent. Hassle and pain free!


• Feels and acts like normal hair (can be brushed, coloured and permed)
• Comfortable; no stuffy feeling
• Naturally fills us areas suffering from hair loss


• Time consuming procedure
• Requires scalp-care post procedure to retain existing hairs on head.

What exactly makes
our premium hair so similar?

Here we show you the microscopic view of both normal and premium hair.


As Amazing as our premium hairs are, they are still synthetic hairs and it doesn’t receive nutrients from the body. We highly recommend for hair treatments and serums to be applied regularly to provide external nutrients to the artificial cuticles.

Normal hair

The Nano-hair restoration procedure is performed without the use of any chemicals it consists of using 4 strands of artificial hair and clipping it to a single healthy strand of hair and is 80% lighter than human hair.

Premium hair