About Hairplus

HairPlus is the first to bring Nano hair restoration to Singpore. Revolutionising hair restorations using techniques that eliminate the drawbacks of traditional extensions, using only the best Raw materials from Futura Japan.

Nano hair technology – originally produced for hair loss and thinning, now opens the floodgates for exploration with the array of colors and styles, giving you endless possibilities without compensating the quality of your hair.

2017 Korea Customer Satisfaction Index number 1

2017 Customer Experience Influencer Innovative Corporation number 1


More hair, More Volume
Before hair nano restoration procedure & after nano hair restoration procedure

Difference between us
and other competitors

HAIRPLUS restoration techniques

1000 strands of HAIRPLUS in only 1-2 hours!


Nano Hair Retouch? – Re-usable
Hair grows approximately 1cm-1.5cm a month. In 2 to 3 months it’s about 3-4cm and the part connecting HAIRPLUS’ hair is moved when natural hair grows, therefore retouching means, pushing HAIRPLUS back to the scalp for reusing.

REGULAR hair techniques